Alex started playing bass in the womb, and at the tender age of 11 years old performed his first solo gig! Alex was accepted to the Grammy Winning Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts, where he studied jazz. Following graduation, Alex was one of only 4 bass players accepted to the esteemed The New School, located in Manhattan, New York!

Alex is influenced by a vast range of artists, from Bach to Pantera, and enjoys a wide range of music tastes and styles. Bassists like Pino Palladino and Jaco Pastorius are among his favorite electric bass players, and he is also influenced by upright player Charlie Haden.

Alex performs with The Wedge Brothers, as well as other local bands where he enjoys classic rock, jazz, and other musical genres.

“Enjoys Pina Colada’s and Getting Caught in the Rain”
-Alex Preus