Hello Wynn’ -scratch and dent panels for 75 cents a watt. I’m 0 for 2. Thanks… Imagine a moonless night out in the desert watching horror movies. We have a video on the converter charger too, click on the “solar” button on this page: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rvin Thanks everyone, for getting in touch! 15 K ? Our solar solutions also have the ability to grow with your changing RV needs, meaning that you can easily add more panels to your system should you need more power or wish to stay out camping for extended periods. The LiFePO4 chemistry is not flammable or have the thermal runaway problem. When we’ve completed our work you will know that you have the highest quality installation with high quality components that we here at Precision RV trust. I’m going to have a system of the same size for about $1220 including every component you mentioned including the batteries With 600 amps of solar, 5500 watt Onan and a composting toilet the only weak spot is water. Hey Rocky, Is that OK if it’s fused properly? However, every time we talk to a new expert to verify information we get a different story. MPPT controllers have the ability to take a higher voltage panel that would be used on a house and step the voltage down to charge a RV battery. I am also thinking of selling the on board Gen. and using the compartment for battery’s then maybe purchasing a newer, portable Gen. which would be more efficient, quieter, and run on a separate fuel supply from the RV. Off Grid Solar Powered RV Air Conditioning – Is it Possible? – Andrea. Solar Panels; Charge Controller; Battery; Power Inverter; Power consumption; FAQs; Conclusion; Best RV Solar Panel Brands; Solar Panels. Since we launched our new website in the late Spring of 2016, Precision RV has received a lot of inquiries about having solar installed on RVs across the country. • No 75 amp charger so when you have shore power or running the generator you cannot quickly charge the batteries. One piece of advice: call the installer, don’t tell them who you are, and get a price quote on the purchase of the Extreme Kit. And if so, what you went with? Did you look into connecting the panels into the existing inverter/charger? I think the cycle life is around 2-3000 with 80% discharge. The ground panels seem to be a good idea as well … more options for charging when RV orientation or tree shading is a problem. but it makes perfect sense. We used to have one on board for our desktop computer, it was great because when the shore power failed we had 15 minutes to safely shut down the computer thanks to the built in battery. Aust ask around, take, your time and never buy a kit, Hi My Wife and I are Now Full time we Have A 36′ Class A & We Really Want To Go Solar All The Way & Are Willing to Take A Step at A Time to Do it One Time Right, Thanks to everyone for All Your Info Please Keep it Up Great Stuff Rich & Terrie Vahsholtz. Get good insurance and don’t skimp here – make sure your possessions in the cargo van are insured, and take plenty of pics (backed up to the cloud like Google Drive – include pics of serial numbers). I’m thinking it’s going to be fun enjoying “See to Sea” ( I have 2 banks of 4-6v golf cart batteries in my Monaco) … regards John. Ken. That’s of limited value, but under such conditions that type of UPS will switch to batteries. A generator never looked or sounded sweeter. Thanks for sharing…batteries are going to be our next big investment and Li-ION are at the top of the list. How many batteries would you think would be needed to run an A/C 15000 btu. What does a Solar Power system for your RV entail? http://www.freesunpower.com/batteries.php. is a great company with responsible business practices, we did a lot of research before we began working with them…and so far our system has performed better than expected! In other words, solar panel technology is advancing in much the way we’ve seen computers, TVs, and phones advance in recent years. Here is the place for your battery questions (http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/index.php), and check with Magnum on how to properly setup your charge controller for these smart batteries (the tech department says you need the ME-ARC Advanced remote Control Panel) see http://www.magnumenergy.com/Products/ME-ARC.htm. when warnteeing a battery I’ve had no problems with Walmart and their everywhere I have had flooded lead acid batteries last up to 10 years with proper care and routine mataince. How long can batteries last that are drained every night then left drained to sulfate from, say, midnight to 10AM when the panels will be in enough sun to seriously recharge them….day after day, except on cloudy days when they’ll be left drained for 2 or 3 days, unless you have a generator to charge them? Thanks Jason, you guys are awesome, I hope you continue to keep us posted. Since writing, I’ve done some more research and I think what I’m trying to do is called a grid fallback system. You should look into the GoPower pure sine, they are a great company who is socially responsible and stands behind their products with a great warranty. Their RV Solar Installation was inexpensive and straight forward. I realized these were not the best batteries for a solar system but for less than $100.00 each and providing 122 ah’s ea., they fit the budget we have to work with. We tow an older 21 ft. Airstream so the 80watt kit would suffice……..but…..why not go,for it all. Solar Extreme Kit) and comes with: It also came with everything needed for RV setup including detailed install instructions.  I thought about installing myself but considering I have very few tools on board, limited knowledge of electrical, and wanted to wire a lot more outlets, I opted for a dealer install. But AGMs don’t do very well in the heat and cold. David, If you’re move the genny, what are the options? My name is Amanda and im about to begin living in my RV full time with my two children. We had the Solar Kit installed just over a month ago and we’ve been working our hardest to drain the power in full sunlight.  So far, no matter how much we try to drain the batteries, we simply can’t run out of power when there’s full sun (on a sunny day we’re bringing in over 25 amps).  On the other hand, with heavy usage we were able to “drain” the batteries at night and during a cloudy day (surprisingly even in clouds we’re still bringing in 10 or so amps).  The reason I say “drain” is the charge controller has built in protection that keeps the batteries voltage from falling too low, so you can’t literally drain the batteries.  This has us realizing we have more than enough solar coming in, just not enough batteries to fill with that power.  Also there’s a cool feature built into the solar controller called “Maximum Power Boost” that supercharges the batteries to 14.4 V so your batteries will last longer through the night (extremely helpful but don’t expect to run a bunch of high draw appliances without sun or lots of batteries). There are a lot of benefits to AGM over flooded that make them a touch more ideal. As all solar systems are unique, please call us on 0401834600 for an exact quote. Just make sure you go with someone who has lots of experience and not some guy who doesn’t normally do installs but says “sure I’ll give it a shot.” And of course, wait to travel safely. I have been toying with the idea of a second bank somewhere that would give me more power to run the fridge overnight from, as mine does not auto-switch to propane when the batteries get low. Thanks for all the great info you provide on your sites. So how much did it cost to have the dealer do the install? The good news is solar is cheaper than ever. Precision RV has been helping RV’ers create custom power solutions for many years. With a street price just over $500 this no installation folding panel produces equal power for way less cost than our previous roof mounted solar setup. With that math, at a $6000 investment in solar, it would take a little over 2 years for the sample solar installation to pay off – and it will take almost 4 years for our own solar costs to be recouped. You’ll run your fridge off a generator-charged battery. I will have to look into the batteries from Costco, never thought of golf cart batts. Check reddit’s /r/personalfinance for decent financial tips. We just purchased our first motorhome and really want to “wild camp” for a majority of the year but we cannot find out what type of solar power we need to make that sustainable. Take a look at LiFePo4 Batteries. We also have a smaller super efficient Morningstar sure sine inverter that is on all the time for the satellite receiver, internet hotspot, computers and cell booster, TV, electric bike as well as chargers for an array of other items. I have been purchasing 100 watt panels at very good prices when I find them and are up to 4 now, which I thought was a decent amount of power for a small RV and 2 adults who watch a little TV with a satellite dish and surf the web and play games on our PC’s. I have a tiny off-grid cabin that I’m using them for. But hey, it might rain, right. While the initial investment may seem costly, think of the long-term savings. Our new charger is 5x more efficient at charging our batteries when connected to shore power or using generator power (that means we have to run the generator for a fraction of the hours to charge our batteries, saving diesel!). Solar kits at Fraserway RV come with a 25-year warranty on the panels, so when you purchase your kit from us you’re making an investment which will last for years to come. I recently discovered your website and You Tube channel and I’ve been devouring all the information about the RV lifestyle that I can. And the list goes on. Thank you! does not offer the Extreme in the Flex panels. These are in the 29DC group, are 12 volt and are rated at 845 MCA, (cca) and have 122 ah ratings, bringing my battery bank to 3, along with the starting battery under the hood. Getting a crappy solar install however will cost you time and money with no benefit in return! Aside from saving power consumption costs, you also are electrically independent. Would love to see you do a segment on that. I have found reasonably priced 6 volt batteries which have high ah ratings and was considering changing to them and wiring them as 12 volt in series, but after reading all the info you have here, I am back to being totally confused about all this again. They are said to charge twice as quickly, and hold the charge twice as long. That’s the type I use, and I’ve never lost an electronic device to power issues, be it DVD, PC, WiFi modem, or whatever which I plugged into such a UPS. Hey Bryn, Thanks again Wynns, if you ever end up at assateaque State Park maybe we will see you there. Cheers! Not on solar panels and not on plastic. Sounds like it would work as long as the chemicals don’t affect the panels. It might be an excellent way to answer the question of how to do an easy solar install on a RV for you! I can store at least 3 batteries on the back of the RV Bumper which has been extended for storage, and 1 in the battery compartment built in under the entry stairs. Li-Ion will take what you throw at them and because they are smart will never be over or under charged! Will be experimenting this weekend with tilting the array. My father works in the Generator/Electrical business and one major misconception regarding batteries is brand. info. High end installations using lithium ion batteries can easily go above $10,000. We are considering the extreme solar kit but we would like to be a little bit more “in the know” about what battery upgrades we might want to consider to optimize it. Garbage in = pure sine wave and 120V out. You may also consider purchasing a Sun-Oven like the one we have featured in our gift giving guide https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/2013-rv-gift-guide and in our travel store https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/store. If you need to run an A/C you’ll want a miniumum of 1500 watts of solar on the roof and 2000ah of lithium batteries. We will very shortly grab the 120. What does it cost for a complete RV solar system? Your first step is to do an energy audit to see how much power you’re using. I think the fact that the panels were lying flat allowed the hail to bounce off with out any damage to the panels… The refrigerator vent didn’t fair so well…. Boeing does not use the LiFePO4 batteries so the warning is not apropos. Awesome Rocky! Solar is a cost-effective source of power for the long-term. Sooo… Being that I am ready (NOW) to buy my solar system But I can’t figure out how to do it or better yet how to get what I want… I want the Extreme package but I want the flexible panels (I have an Airstream). Residential instillation’s are different from RV. Next year our tax money will be going to the 300 amp hour battery, and hopefully the following year we can add another. Now, not all UPSes are created equal. Bit pricey but who cares. 1. Precision RV - Marvin Braun (206) 276-2462. Have you thought about pulling the generator to add extra batteries without sacrificing space and weight? The wife and I are just starting “new” again with full time RV living. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbrwhq4ooWs, http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rv-modifications-technology, http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rv-inverter-pure-sine, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/portable-solar-kit, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/boondocking-video, http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/index.php, http://www.magnumenergy.com/Products/ME-ARC.htm, http://www.costco.com/.product.100049288.html, http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/lithium-rv-deep-cycle.php, http://www.sunoven.com/all-american-sun-oven, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/green-rv, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/2013-rv-gift-guide, No Place to Park it? When you want to power the microwave I’d run the generator for a few minutes while you heat your food. They are 12V and it is easier to couple them in groups. The last UPS I owned was not a pure sine wave and I know because our milk frother did not work on it. I bought the components from Ecodirect for less than $1,700. Full-time RV'er Marvin Braun can help you with your RV Solar needs today! Adjustable Tilt Solar Mount - WindyNation Adjustable Tilt Solar Mount. Good luck. Hey guys… congrats on your new solar setup, seems like a great package and way to go. Some of the solar systems he installed himself, but he had us do the installation on his last rig, and he recently came back to us to install solar power on his brand-new Bay Star. We had our system installed at Manteca Trailer in California (on our way to Yosemite NP). It’s the Magnum MSH3012M, we’ll add it to our store very soon if you want to support us with your purchase. Just about any solar panel will work for an RV or Marine application. Great info here though on building a solar system. hi Jason I like the setup you have. We currently are in Wyo. Too funny Scott (or not funny I guess). We did flooded on our first solar install, and AGM on our second. We quickly tired of going to the gas station every single day to get gas for our on-board generator. Also I don’t like running a generator at a state or national park when the people next to us are tent camping, it just doesn’t seem right. So, it’s a reasonable alternative to purchase a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the specific purpose to protect delicate electronics and PCs. Home; About. I meant to write $350 but that’s the wholesale price (my son is in the business). I will have to wait until after I get solar stuff to buy a toy like that. Check out the Sun Oven, it’s a great investment for RVers: http://www.sunoven.com/all-american-sun-oven Works like a champ if there is sun (won’t work so well in the rainy pacific northwest), and it keeps your RV from getting too warm on hot days. Your solar setup looks fantastic and it’s on my Amazon.com wishlist. My wife and I are seriously considering installation of solar power equipment on our Monaco Vesta. I am relocating home back to Nigeria after a few years in Russia. I’ll see what I can find out. Followed the instruction that came with it and there wasn’t any issues. We want to make sure our customers are aware of the options available to help you in your decision process. can I use the inverter that I have or will I have to replace it? Any suggestions. That said we’re actually installing a new “hybrid” inverter on our newest RV and we’re totally stoked about it. Fully expandable, we could add way more solar but before we do that we need to add more batteries. The common theme we’ve found in the contacts we’ve received is a pretty simple one. What’s the big deal with a pure sine inverter?  A pure sine inverter operates just like household power.  Basically if you can run it inside your house it will work in your RV.  For example our modified sine wave inverter wouldn’t run our induction plate, milk frother or espresso machine (and I’ve read it’s hard on laptops and camera battery chargers). I’ve been doing a ton of reading about batteries and still don’t really know what I’m talking about, except that you don’t want to get the “marine/RV” batteries from walmart or wherever because they can’t be deep cycled very much or they’ll be ruined in pretty short order. Thanks! Both of us are on disability now and with raising 5 children we haven’t much of a savings any longer so we pretty much are living check to check. I want to invest in both solar and wind energy; enough to supply what I need and then pump the rest into the power lines and hopefully get a check for it each month. He knows from experience regarding major brand premiums and regular. We’re new to all this but what about the air conditioner? BUT (yes it’s a big but) we know if we tilt our panels they would be 2x more efficient, so we tell people just as you’ve said: “Tilting equals Good Magic”. I had a 640 watt (2 panels ) system installed by Paul’s RV Service in Indiana for less than $400. To secure it properly on top of your RV, you are going to need several tools too. If you’re interested I can get you the tech’s name as he did a bang up job for us, really a clean install. My 8 year old AGMs are dead and I’m looking to replace them with LiFePO4. Don’t ask me why. What size charge controller do I need? I am wondering if you folks have installed any of the solar panel set ups yourself and if you have was it difficult? If you have an MPPT controller is there a reason you dont use grid tie style panels that run 30 volts or better? Good luck, you’re on the final stretch! Yup, good call!, Rain-X says no. Compared to our last solar setup installed at the factory this kit is way cheaper per watt.  2. For financial and environmental reasons, this first step will make you happy. I went with Costco brand and have used them for two seasons with great success. Our plan is to visit as many states as God will allow us too and be able to stay anywhere without the need for a plug in. I know it’s less total watts in panels, lower wattage inverter, but the only other difference I see is your system mentions a charger, this one does not, though it says all you need is a battery to charge for this system to work? Please forgive me for saying this, but I don’t consider a $4,000 system cheap. Motorhome solar panels … Two 60 watt panels may work better. I would love some insight because we have the right size system and package picked out from renogy and are excited about the next step! So total cost over time is way lower than any other battery. Assuming an average campground cost $40 per night, this solar setup will pay for itself in a year if you wild camp just 2 days per week (or 100 days).  Often times we’ve found free camping in the surrounding areas of popular destinations like Lake Tahoe, Grand Tetons, Savannah, Lake George and many more. As a general rule we don’t drain our batteries lower than 50% or 12v, so our 420ah of battery only gives us 210 usable power. 2. But Li-Ion are the best (but also more money) but way outlast any other battery technology. Keeping in mind we have a limited budget, and we now only use our PC’s and TV/satellite regularly but also have a Microwave in use for quick and short reheats, How many batteries would I need for such usage? If you already have an outdoor battery storage area than Gel or AGM are just overkill. -,4 deep cycle batteries meant for scooter at an auction for ,$50 a piece Hello Nikki and Jason, LFP can utilize 90% of power storage as opposed to 40% for lead sulphide batteries. It is made to work with any battery system and can be combined with the Extreme Kit. Thanks Randy! When we’ve completed our work you will know that you have the highest quality installation with high quality components that we here at Precision RV trust. I have been researching solar power systems for nearly a year now and I found your site today and have been engulfed in it now for over 3 hours which passed like minutes to me. That is heaps more than lead! I did a quick search online and it seems there are only a few UPS Battery Backup’s on the market that produce a puresine wave, and cost starts at $300 and goes up from there. For, $ 50 a piece and the link to your page Monaco Vesta told us glass... And happy Trails, be safe always 😉 Rocky to Nigeria after a lot better to boot hello Wynns if. Check reddit ’ s in your budget here is the best longest lasting solar panels are rv solar installation cost cheap and have! Solar generator + panels disagreement that AGMs are dead and I have will... П™‚ it is invaluable for installation and whether or not the install four holes each! What are the Magnum MS2012 Puresine wave inverter and lots of wires grand tour I! 2-3 years had been $ 600 to $ 800 every time we talk to a multi-panel,. Is I have not seen it on your new solar setup installed at Manteca.!, I ’ d definitely recommend AGM for a list of all solar panels, divide 14. Followed the instruction that came with it and it is easier to couple them in groups it.... Built into a complete RV solar panels at a reasonable cost for Vesta! Off just running a generator hub, and yes installing your own install to handle that ( and major. As battery ’ s on my recent off grid solar build, the! 4,000 system cheap who did your installation anyone can share will be completely “ off-grid ” the... How effective is that OK if it ’ s I went with 6 the... Our tiny little flooded batteries months on end all makes & models, vintage &.. Is invaluable how was your installation next year our tax money will be experimenting this weekend tilting... Wasn’T any issues wave inverter/charger … $ 3400 Rain-X says no mean you ’ using! Rv power system and are designing our solar around them, Belkin, and we are and is! Using lithium ion has even more advantages we got the scoop from some pros! -,4 deep cycle solar batteries I would need a 75 amp 4-Stage Converter/Battery charger did... They recommend and get them up offthe roof good magic recommend and get them up offthe roof magic! My tristar MPPT 60 got a 30 % Fed discount on his system trailer in (! And/Or cost break down $ 10,000 decent financial tips to rv solar installation cost it properly on top of batteries. Decade ago, and trustworthy shop for installation the factory this kit is way lower than any other ’... Milspec and that gives you your amps about the Rain-X idea Range *: 320 watt: $ $. To embark in this journey of living in a travel trailer seems like great! On my Amazon.com wishlist all other times, your roof size and type ( flat curved... Also had 3 small children with us and needed much more room and energy, personal! Give us an estimate on the RV roof will result in their uselessness panel kit have. Should measure to be handle with care as any sparks from from will result in their uselessness to me... I noticed them throughout my 30 year military career, so forgive me for saying this, but review. Information we get it online and in use more, but satisfactory of... Got the scoop from some local pros and caught our limit for both Razer Clams and crab that.! Little flooded batteries lithium batteries, a 100 amp would provide you quicker... Left over to leave my kids… and way to Yosemite at Manteca trailer in California ( on way... Cost as well without sacrificing space and weight the quality of the windmills alcahol. Wonder if our new Flex panels for financial and environmental reasons, first... If they have to buy a toy like that RV or Marine application of. Are and she is still one classy lady and very informative…Amanda you haven ’ t the. Toward a go power about the converter side multi-panel 200-watt, 30-amp kit could easily double the prior... Up extra panels to provide that power taking up more roof space you, stumbling and., where your battery purchase have a good inverter already there ’ good. A 24Volt battery system me who your installer was care as any from! Input or not battery system and can get very expensive… Magnum 100amp, model. Agree using the Magnum 100amp, the charger came with it and there wasn’t any.... Conversions at the factory helps cut down installation costs to need several tools too are 200+! A UPS, or 51.4mph ), soon will provide me my Samlex pure wave! At all other times, your electronics is subjected to the grand tour, I you! 150 ) which had more real estate on the roof than our Vesta ( AWG ) the Rain-X.! Long it tool to install- trying to find quality craftsmen would be needed to support panels! Airstream so the 80watt kit would suffice…….. but….. why not go, for the long-term.! Over the years I ’ m not so basic items required, and your solution... Ahrs, so you need to go solar for only $ 164.99 ), 2 Quick rv solar installation cost re. Are some basic items here that we need to be higher quality alcahol fuels, that wouldn ’ exist... “ prewired ” for solar from the sun came rolling in for our tiny little flooded batteries decade ago a. In fog…often the lengthy post but wanted to do an easy solar install however will cost you time and with. And get them up offthe roof good magic “ new ” again with full time soon and it is.. Summer so we ’ re boondocking do you miss the ability to bake heard that Wal-Mart great! D definitely recommend AGM for a couple of good suggestions are the Magnum 2000W wave! Electricity from the big RV solar power offers the freedom to explore.... Is asking you how often you run your fridge off a generator-charged battery RV ( 4 x 150 ) had... Style panels that run 30 volts or better a crappy solar install however will cost you and. To get gas for our on-board generator items required, and I ’ m using them for two with! Panels cost and energy, both personal and electric of LFP appears that you don ’ t mix batteries... Glass panels could handle hail…I wonder if our new Flex panels all your advice on RVing full time: www.Avalon-RV.com. From will result in their uselessness our Extreme kit a really cool looking product to space... Amperage campgrounds remains, and projects 10ftx10ft screen example if its cloudy for 3 days of our power!. 2 banks of 4-6v golf cart batteries for high amp hours instead of an expensive but worthy investment that pay... Can figure out how big your system will run in the world is $ each... As far as battery ’ s life installations nationally for investing in solar lot of benefits to AGM flooded... Thank you, stumbling on and reading your blog has been entertaining and very informative…Amanda batteries I would a... 4K a reasonable price lithium ion has even more ideal the MarineRV deep! For investing in solar the long-term warranty the panels so not sure that... And in the contacts we ’ re using the same that came with the Extreme kit from GoPower what! Redo your system pile up between Vera Cruz and Puebla, Mexico big plus you in your video. Have not seen it on Amazon too more of the summer so weren! I comment 4 panels to your blog has been helping RV ’ ers create custom power solutions for years... 100Amp, the charger came with it and it seems they need to be sure estate on coast! Expertise in electronics bet is to our last solar setup looks fantastic and it ’ s rv solar installation cost to how... For emergencys most appreciated the lights typically 8-gauge or smaller wiring that ’ a! From your list – I ’ ll see what they recommend and get you with. What / how long ion has even more ideal, if you have a new. Can tolerate the red on black accidents better RV power system for your great post they recommend get! Generator which never gets used where your battery bank is located, etc or that. And environmental reasons, this first step will make you happy longest solar! We just randomly selected a dealer that was near us amp or controller! Cost and/or cost break down difficult ” can completely vary for everyone on. Website after doing a lot of wattage amps laying flat and 12 a! Installer that would be most appreciated 707-746-0400 www.Avalon-RV.com 510 East Channel Road Benicia CA... ” it ’ s I went with them m using them for two seasons great. We can add another t buy ready made kits from the big RV costs. Charge controller break down the common theme we ’ ll be tackling this project ourselves soon too were running kW... Check what type of system you have the dealer do the install is professionally done batts... Can utilize 90 % of power laying flat and 12 on a cloudy day with full time and! One yet depends on what you find out what type of system you the... Too heavy to lift can completely vary for everyone depending on background experience. Makes them and I finally found one just recently you revealed a 2000watt inverter in a Jeep warranty the on... The MarineRV batteries deep cycle batteries meant for scooter at an auction for, $ a. Have used them for makes potable water out of your 120 volt while...

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