A Las Vegas native, Jack E. Roth has been the main Wedge stickman since 2006. As a former MCA / Universal recording artist and 25-year veteran, Jack has opened for everyone from Guns ‘N Roses, Aerosmith and Chickenfoot to Michael McDonald, Eddie Money and The Commodores, quite a diverse range! He’s also played in bands backing such artists as Randy Jackson, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider, Sebastian Bach, and Meat Loaf! Jack is also the stickman for local Las Vegas rock band 3 Align, who continue to work their way up the charts in the music world!
He loves puppies and rainbows and long, star-lit walks on the beach… as long as he’s mildly sedated.

People say I’m crazy doing what I’m doing,
Well, they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin.
-John Lennon

Well, I’ve been around, but I ain’t never seen,
A guy who looks like a muppet, but he’s wrinkled and green,
Oh, my Yoda, Yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda
-Weird Al Yankovic