Growing up in Seattle, Steve’s love for music brought him to Nashville to be surrounded by music and musicians. He spent 10 years in Nashville as his base, where his first album with The Edisons hit big with the indie crowd and took him touring hundreds of venues in nearly all 50 states and overseas. The days off the road in Nashville gave him the opportunity to build guitars for himself along with many artists including Steve Miller and Poison’s Brett Michaels. Steve settled in the city of Las Vegas, where he found his home performing with The Wedge Brothers, as well as in a country band called 4-Wheel High, where he also handles lead guitar and vocals.  Steve has written a number of songs over his musical career, many of which can be found on iTunes!


Gibson: ES-335, Doubleneck
Fender: Tele ’52 RI, Strat Deluxe
Gretsch: Country Gentlemen, Corvette
Danelectro: ’63 Teardrop, Psychedelic DC59, Baritone
Rickenbacker: 330-6, 360-12
Steinberger: Klein, Baby Blue GL
Weissenborn: 1923 Model II


Fender Blues Deluxe
Musicman 210

Effect Pedals:

Too many to mention (Most custom-built by Bradford Lester, CO)

“I’d give my left arm to be ambidextrous.”
– Steve Nation