The Premier Classic Rock Band In Las Vegas

Tour Dates

Friday October 26th! The Wedge Brothers at Dogtoberfest!

Join the band as we perform at Dogtoberfest at Big Dogs Brewing Company on Saturday, October 26th, starting at 6 pm!!

A great outdoor event that features a ton of beers, food, and several bands, with The Wedge Brothers, featuring Kelly Sheehan and Kelly Dorn, headline the evening!  For more information visit:

November 15th! Wedge Brother‘s 20th Anniversary Party at Tommy Rocker’s


That’s Right!  You heard us correctly!  20 years has gone by so fast! We invite you all to join us for the celebration of the year on Friday, November 15th, 6:00 – ???

We are going back to where it all started, Tommy Rocker’s, with 20 year Anniversary Shirts and Hats available for sale, with all proceeds going to help fund the medical expenses related to our own Steve Nation’s daughters current medical condition!

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